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Pam L. (62) - Cystic Acne

Cystic Acne

For 15 years I have struggled with white heads that left me feeling uncomfortable with my face. The white heads I experienced were deeper in the skin causing me to have sores all over my face. I have visited several dermatology clinics searching for answers and treatments for my skin. With these visits and several expensive products, I still had nothing to show which was extremely disheartening. After dermatology failed me, I reached out to medical spas to try their products and/or treatments. With no results from dermatology and medical spas, I then tried hormone replacement therapy which included patches and pellets. I was told this could possibly be the root of my white heads due to all other failed treatments. I was again left with no positive results and my skin worsening with scarring now occurring from the deeper white heads.

Well, did my skin journey change when I learned about micro needling with PRP and exosome therapy offered by TNT Stem Cells. After 15 years of turmoil from built up shame, and insecurity left by multiple failed attempts at treatment, I made the appointment with TNT and was immediately overcome with tearful joy! I cried happy tears the day of my appointment. I just knew in my heart this was meant to be life changing. After 3 treatments of micro needling with PRP and exosome therapy, life changing is an understatement. White heads? What white heads? Gone, disappeared. Scars from those deep white heads? No more, they’ve vanished. Watch out world because shame and insecurity said good-bye just after my first treatment. The results speak for themselves. The staff are wonderful and treated me life family! Thank you so much TNT Stem Cells for changing my life!

Dana D. (54) - Urinary Incontinence

I have struggled for years with incontinence. I have been through 2 bladder surgeries which haven’t held for very long. Over the years it has gotten so much worse. I would have trouble walking from one room to the next without leaking, Lord help if I coughed or sneezed. About 2 months ago I got the O shot and from TNT and I am raving about it. I can walk without leaking and have even sneezed and coughed and I am good. I thought I was gonna have to have yet another surgery and I was worried that it wouldn’t work yet again. I was told about the O shot and it’s a simple procedure done in the office absolutely no down time and it works. I feel so much better and more confident and I’m not constantly looking for the bathroom. I highly recommend the procedure and the staff at TNT stem cell are excellent. Thank y’all so much.

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